Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the CCVS?
Can my organization choose not to participate in the CCVS?
When was participation in the Arkansas CCVS mandated?
Does use of the CCVS for credentialing information totally eliminate the need for physicians to complete applications?
Can physicians refuse to complete other organizations’ applications because of the CCVS Mandate?
What can physicians do if they receive an application that has questions asking for copies of certificates or other information provided by the CCVS?
Can an organization request from the physician a copy of the DEA license or other documents if our bylaws require it?
Is there someone that can review our application packets to make sure we are complying with the state mandate?
Are physicians mandated to provide information to the CCVS, or is this limited to organizations that credential physicians for Arkansas?
Is use of the birth month renewal cycle mandated?
Can any organization that wishes credentialing information on a physician participate?
Who oversees the functions of the CCVS?