March 6, 2018
Ongoing Fax Problems

All fax machines at the Arkansas State Medical Board and the CCVS are currently experiencing transmission difficulties.  These problems have been communicated to the telecommunications carrier who is working to determine the cause of the issueas it is not an internal issue within the Board.  If you need to send documents to the Board please email those documents in PDF format to  If you need to email documents to CCVS please email those documents in PDF format to  Thank you for your patience.

August 11, 2017

The Arkansas State Medical Board`s Centralized Credentials Verification Service (CCVS) has received notification of survey completion and recertification in eight of the eight elements requested:

  • Certificationin Verification of Licensure
  • Certification in DEA
  • Certificationin Education and Training
  • Certificationin Verification of Board Certification Status
  • Certificationin Work History
  • Certificationin Medicare/Medicaid Sanctions
  • Certificationin Application and Attestation Processing
  • Certificationin Application and Attestation Content

Certification is considered current and in good standing for a period of TWO years and will expire in September 2019.

Additional Information is available at the NCQA website,

May 26, 2017

Based on feedback received from customers and the CCVS Advisory Committee, it appears the previous announcement related to upcoming changes to the CCVS ordering system generated some confusion.  That was not our intent.  In an effort to alleviate some concerns, CCVS will move the implementation date for some of the changes.  


June 1 –  As announced on April 17, 2017, effective June 1, 2017, payments for CCVS profiles will be made by a valid credit card at the time of order.   All credit cards, including American Express, will be accepted.   This method of payment will prevent the necessity for cancellations due to non-payment or lack of funds.  The credit card that is entered at the time of ordering must have adequate funds available for the order to post and CCVS to begin working.  The ASMB/CCVS will no longer store credit card information, and the ASMB will no longer accept electronic funds transfers for order payments after June 1. 


July 1 – Effective July 1, 2017, new order requirements will be implemented.  Prior to placing an order for a CCVS profile, the documents listed below must be in the CCVS system. 


1.            Organization Specific Authorization and Release – the Organization name must be entered exactly as it is listed on the CCVS customer’s current account.  Abbreviations(unless listed on their account), altered forms and blank organization name lines will not be accepted.  The A&R must be current within the two-year time from the signature date.Organization-specific A&Rs can be found on the CCVS website at www.arccvs.orgThis is not a new requirement.


2.            Current ASMB Authorization and Release– This is the Board A&R which is collected at the time of a physician’s renewal and is valid for two years.  As long as this document was filled out at the time of renewal, CCVS will have a copy of the document and no action is required by the customer. 


3.            Current Attestation – This document is completed at the time of renewal.  In order to be current, the signature date must be within 120 days.   For in-cycle orders, this attestation should be current and no further documentation should be needed from the organization.  For other orders, the physician can update the attestation at as needed to comply with the 120 day requirement.   In an effort to have the physicians update their attestation, ASMB/CCVS will begin sending quarterly e-mails to licensed physicians reminding them to update their attestation online.   In addition, a copy of the attestation can be placed in the organizations’ application packets to be completed by the physician and provided to CCVS.  A copy of the most recent attestation can be found at


4.            Telemeds Only:  Current Curriculum Vitae (CV)  - dated within the past 120 days for all Telemed orders. This is a not a new requirement.


Please note, profiles can only be ordered for physicians with an active Arkansas license.  Please check the license status prior to ordering a CCVS profile.  This verification is free at If you need assistance, please contact us.


Current Curriculum Vitae (CV) – In an effort to reduce issues regarding inconsistent data, CCVS was requesting a current CV (dated within 120 days) be on file at the time of the order.  We are delaying implementation of this requirement.  We made this request because CCVS is finding that on occasion the information provided to the organizations on the credentialing applications is different from the information provided to the ASMB/CCVS.  The ASMB/CCVS does not receive a copy of the application provided by the physicians to the organizations and therefore may not have the most updated information from the physician.  Many organizations have expressed concerns with obtaining a CV for every order as many CVs can be quite lengthy.  Therefore, we will delay implementation of this requirement and will explore other avenues for obtaining this information such as requesting a copy of the credentialing application be provided by the organizations.  CCVS will also begin to request a CV from the physician at the time the CCVS order is placed.  We welcome any feedback on this issue.  For feedback or other ideas/suggestions, please email


Our goal is to provide a complete and accurate product for our customers and to decrease the amount of time it takes to process orders.   Thank you for all you do to provide healthcare to the citizens of Arkansas.

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