Definitions used by the State Medical Board

License Status used by the Arkansas State Medical Board

:   The license is Active
:   The license is Not Active due to non-payment of renewal fees or license has a category of 'Revoked' or 'Suspended'

License Categories used by the Arkansas State Medical Board

:   Application for licensure expired before file was complete. No license issued.
Consent Order
:   A written agreement between the Board and a licensee in which the licensee agrees to comply with specific conditions.
:   Practitioner has expired
:   Practitioner was not issued a medical license
:   Non-compliance of CEU/CME submission after extension
:   The dissolving of a Medical Corporation
:   Licensed under Act 497 of 2005. Allows physicians who do not meet the Board's standard license requirements to be licensed while working as a faculty member, or affiliated under the supervision of a faculty member established by and under control of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. License is only valid within the UAMS system.
:   A temporary permit issued to a physician who will be considered for license under Act 497 of 2005.
:   To specify that a licensing exam was taken in that state
:   License no longer current and/or valid. Also indicates not-renewed, lapsed and delinquent
Graduate Registered Physician
:   A physician who has graduated from an accredited medical school who is not currently, nor has ever enrolled in an accredited postgraduate training program. The licensee is either a legal resident of the state of Arkansas, or has graduated from an accredited Arkansas medical school. The licensee can only provide healthcare services under the continuous supervision of a physician who holds an Active/Unlimited Arkansas medical license. The license expires one year from the date of issue and can only be renewed two times. The license will become inactive upon leaving the current employment or entering into a postgraduate training program.
:   Pending Application, no license
License lapsed prior to Disciplinary Hearing
:   License lapsed prior to Disciplinary Hearing
Location Limited
:   Practitioner is allowed to practice at a specific location approved by the Board
:   Merging of multiple Medical Corporations
Oversight Required/Site Specific/Limited Temporary
:   Temporary license authorized for a specific location and physician oversight is required.
:   License application is Pending
:   License sanctioned as result of disciplinary action
:   The Board has placed specific conditions on the licensee that must be fulfilled in order for the licensee's license to remain Active.
:   The Board has placed practice restrictions and/or privilege limitations on the license
:   License has been removed
:   The revocation is stayed (will not go into effect) as long as the practitioner complies with any other condition the Board has placed on them
Site Specific
:   The practitioner is allowed to practice at a specific location approved by the Board
:   Practitioner has voluntarily relinquished his license
:   License has been removed for a certain period of time due to disciplinary action
:   License is suspended for a certain period of time due to disciplinary action, however, the license is no longer current due to non-renewal.
:   The suspension is stayed (will not go into effect) as long as the practitioner complies with any other condition the Board has placed on them
:   Temporary Permit issued until license can be issued
:   License is Active with no restrictions
Unlimited - IMG
:   Licensed under Act 495 of 2005. Allows International Medical Graduates to be licensed after having only completed one year of US internship or residency while being currently enrolled in a UAMS residency program. License status is changed to Unlimited upon receipt of proof from the program that the PGY3 has been successfully completed.
:   PA is licensed but in the process of establishing their employment relationship; can also mean a PA who has no supervising physician can renew their license, but unable to utilize it until a supervising physician is obtained
:   Practitioner withdrew license application, no license was issued

License Categories assigned by Other State Licensing Boards

:   License issued for a short time as he consults with another physician
:   License has restrictions
Locum Tenens
:   License issued for Locum Tenens work
Military Exempt
:   Military Personnel
Not Specified
:   Category is not specified, only license status
:   Physician no longer participates in professional activities
:   A licensed resident currently in training
:   Equivalent to lapsed or non-renewal
:   The category of the license is not available, not specified or not used
Voluntary Probation
:   Physician voluntarily allows his license to be put on Probation to avoid further disciplinary actions