Service Listing

Credentialing Services provided by the State of Arkansas Centralized Credentials Verification Service

If you are an organization which credentials doctors for privileges at any Arkansas organization, you MAY BE REQUIRED to use credentialing services by the ARCCVS.

Initial Credentialing reports include

  • Education
  • ECFMG Exam
  • Licensure History
  • Professional History
  • Other Activities
  • Regulation 7 Exemption
  • Specialties
  • Dispensing Physicians
  • Malpractice Liability Coverage
  • Physician Health Committee
  • Medicare and Medicaid Sanctions
  • Military Service
  • Federation of State Medical Boards
  • AMA Profile Verification
  • Criminal Law Convictions
  • Federal and State DEA Information
  • UPIN
  • Special Conditions:
  • Mental/Emotional Conditions
  • Physical Conditions
  • Drug/Alcohol Conditions
Recredentialing includes

Information equivalent to that of an Initial Credentialing, except that the data is limited to the previous two years.

This information is used for physicians who are applying for reappointment for medical and staff membership and/or privileges.

Fees associated with Initial Credentialing
Cost per Initial Credentialing report:  $80.00

Fees Associated with Recredentialing
Cost per Recredentialing report:  $60.00

Additional Fees

Setup fee:  In addition to per use fees, an initial account setup fee will be charged to your account upon account activation.
Renewal Fee:  A yearly renewal fee will be charged to your account.

Fees are subject to change, pursuant to the regulations of the Arkansas State Medical Board.  For more information about these fees, please consult the latest copy of the Arkansas Medical Practices Act  and Board Regulations.  

To obtain a copy of the Arkansas Medical Practices Acts, click here